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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  June 7, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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to rave reviews from the new york times, the los angeles times. the new york times calls dirty wars: the world as a battlefield, utterly riveting. we urge you to call right now. the film is now out at the same time as jeremy's cahill -- skahill's book was published. we urge you to call 866-359- 4334 and you will get a copy of this book for a contribution of $150. if you pledge $150, you get this book. he just won a major literary prize from yell university. this is his second book. his first was blackwater. , explores dirty wars with united states is doing around the world. the book and the double dvd -- skahillvd is jeremy
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on democracy now! for two days. and then we will play an expert of his address right now. we also set with noam chomsky for a moderated conversation. you get all that in a double dvd. the author of the new york times bestseller and this book, debuted as a new york times bestseller, number five on the bestseller list, texas inside america's new covert wars. the foot soldiers in these battles operate globally and inside the united states with orders from the white house to do whatever is necessary to hunt down, capture, and kill and the jewels. it is a remarkable book the consequences of the declaration that the world is a battlefield. as jeremy scahill uncovers these most important foreign- policy story of all time, he reports from the front lines in this high-stakes investigation,
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explores the depth of america's global killing machine. he goes beneath the service of these covert wars, conducted in the shuttles -- shadows, based on unprecedented access. he tells a chilling story of an american citizen. as you as leaders draw the company deeper into conflicts across the globe, setting the world stage for enormous destabilization of blowback, americans are not only a greater risk, we are changing as a nation. he amassed shadow warriors who prosecute the secret wars and puts a human face on the casualties of unaccountable violence that is now official policy. victims of nitrates, secret missile through his brave reporting, he exposes the true nature of the dirty wars the united states government struggles to keep. the book is yours for contribution of $150. the dvd's are yours for $100.
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866-359-4334. 866-359-4334. , pleaseif you cannot do something. this book is truly remarkable. and i hope you get to see the film of the same title that is now opening around the country. tonight it is opening in los angeles and washington, d.c. at landmark and then sundance sunset. san francisco next week. san diego. ifc theater in new york and lincoln plaza. affidavit is not coming to a theater near you, go to our website for the information -- if it is not coming to a theater near you, go to our website for information.
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your call makes a difference. you make it possible for link tv to happen. .66-359-4334 get this most remarkable book. we urge you to call 866-359- 4334. 866-359-4334. the book and the double dvd, the gold pack, contribution of $200. please call and let us know that you're in the house. as germany draws from the ranks of the navy seals, delta force, former blackwater, and other contractors and the joint special operations command, these elite soldiers operating worldwide with thousands of secret commandos in more than thousands of countries funded through taxpayer-funded blight budgets, the budgets you do not know about, special operations forces conduct missions and do targeted killings, snatch and grab individuals and cruise missile strikes. the bush administration deployed these ghost militias, president barack obama has operations and given a new
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spoken budget this -- legitimacy. we urge you to call. 866-359-4334. 866-359-4334. your call makes a difference. you make it possible for link tv to happen. we urge you to call. i want to play for you the trailer of jeremy's film. it is also about the book as well. the film is based on his reporting for this book, and you get a very good sense of what you get in this remarkable 600 plus page book. please call 866-359-4334. that is 866-359-4334. let's go to the trailer of "dirty wars." >> i got a strange phone call. someone from the inside was reaching out to be, someone close to the heart of the president's elite force. >> there are hundreds of covert operations on multiple continents.
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>> it is hard to say with the story began. this is supposed to be the frontline in the war on terror. but i do i was missing the story. there was another war hidden in the shadows. . night raid so there are the two bit in the guesthouse house, the first people killed. -- there are the two people with the guest house, the first people killed. >> he saw them take the bullets out of the body. >> who were these men that stormed into the home, and why would they go to such horrifying links to cover up their action? >> targeted killings. >> how would a covert unit take it the largest were the planet? the guest now is jeremy scahill. >> jeremy scahill. >> why are you still alive? are you paranoid? of raids read
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like a map of a hidden war. algeria, indonesia, thailand, georgia. >> what we have essentially done is created -- [indiscernible] for the rest of our generation, this force will be continually searching. >> despite conspiratorial theories, there is nothing to it. , iff they are dangerous they are too strong -- >> it is important to know with the president can't kill an american citizen and when they cannot. that's where they can and would they cannot. [indiscernible] >> america those war. they are warm an men. --the book iss"
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yours for 100 $50. the dvd set for $100. put them together for two hundred dollars. you have never read anything like this before. from the muckraking journalist jeremy scahill. twice winner of the george polk awards, one of the youngest winners ever at this major journalism prize in the united states. first were documentary we did together called drilling and killing, chevron in nigeria's military dictatorship. oil dictatorship. about chevron in the niger delta. the second time for his first book called blackwater cover the rise of the worlds's most powerful mercenary army. now his second book has debuted at number five of the new york times bestseller list. almost unheard of for independent restaurant because of his meticulous reporting, more than 100 pages of footnotes to show the level of
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most original, authentic. what you had today on "democracy other network has ever done. bringing you the grandfather of an unlocking tom at the father of an warrant a lucky. al-awlaki. anwar president obama said before the targeted killing of this u.s. citizen, and there are al- awlaki, they attempted to get him. these are the people on the ground. they said, why did you not ask us? they would have been to turn him over. we urge you to go to the phone. we ask you to stand up for independent media. al-ever you think of and/or awlaki, as jeremy pointed out, we have a system of law in this
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country. if the evidence was very strong, which it sounds like they had a lot of evidence we urge you to go to the phone. did you hear him say we would have handed him over? we urge you to go to the phone and let us know you are in the house. and the intuitive weeks later, anwar awlaki's son, a 16-year- old, born in denver, colorado, raised mainly by his grandfather, who you saw today, is killed in another drone strike. u.s. government, now after 600 days, has said, yes, they did the killing. why was he killed? robert gibbs laid it out, the former spokesperson for president obama. he said, well, the specific quote he said was raising the question of who his father was. there was never any allegation that this kid had done anything like what his father was accused
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.f we urge you to go to the phone right now and let us know you are in the house. these are the issues that jeremy scahill raises. he says it is not about who they are. it is about who we are as americans. we urge you to go to the phone. 866-359-4334. this book is truly remarkable. the film that is coming out, which i encourage you to go see, is truly amazing. i mean, the new york times, the first paragraph of today's review in today's new york times, of the film, which is headlined on the frontlines, if you you can see them, called the film utterly riveting. multiply that times 1000 for the book, you cannot stop because the book has such detail. he goes into gardez with the rowley filmmaker rick
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and learns about the story of the killing of a family, a u.s. trained officer. at the end, the u.s. would say it was a case of mistaken identity, but a very devoted, american-centered family. the two pregnant women in the family were killed. the american have a train police officer was killed, and the u.s. nato forces said it was honor killings by telephone -- by the telephone -- by the taliban and until it was exposed that it was special operations forces. they have a photograph of the head of all these secret forces there was afghan soldiers, holding animals to make animal sacrifices to the family. a photograph they do not want to get out. jeremy scahill has it in his book. this book is truly amazing. i want to show you some of the -- we will roll some of the photographs that you see in this book. we will just roll those as i speak. but these are absolutely
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amazing, showing jeremy in gardez walking with survivors of the deadly u.s. night rate in 2010, 2 pregnant women killed along with afghan police commander and others. you see other standing with american soldiers. he was killed by u.s. special operations forces in a night rate based on faulty intelligence. he long thought the taliban and had been trained by the united states. then you see the photograph of general mcrae vid. it is an amazing photograph of mcraven.f admiral it is in full color here. that is jeremy scahill. the photograph of the afghan mcravenho accompanied offered to sacrifice a sheep to ask for forgiveness for the deaths caused in the night raids. we urge you to call. that is nasser al-awlaki who you just saw on "democracy now! with his granddaughter and jeremy scahill at their home in sanaa.
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that is the admiral meeting with the president of yemen. and that is the journalist who has been held in yemen. we urge you to go to the phone right now and let us know that you are in the house, you are standing up independent media. is being held in yemen. he exposed the killings, the first strike in the obama administration that killed 46 people in this village in yemen. this is just an amazing book. this is a book that lets you know what you do not know is being done in your name. then you make decisions. the book is hopeful because information empowers. would you do with it is the next step very get a copy of the book
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as much as we urge you to call in, the phones are closed after today. please call right now. again, the last time you can make a reservation for dinner and a show to come to the set of "democracy now!" and watch the broadcast was a special guest. if you are watching today, you have been hanging out with jeremy scahill, the award- winning journalist who i daresay has shortened his life by many years by producing a film and writing a book at the same time. it is almost never done. lots of books and movies are made, but the movie is made well after. but here he do them together, almost unheard of. rowleyfilmmaker richard of big noise films, this is not to be missed. it is not often i agree with the new york times, but on this review, utterly riveting, to put it mildly three and a half of four stars in the washington
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post. los angeles times, rave review. village voice, rave review. go see this film, especially in the first is around the country. determined how widely it will be seen. washington, d.c., new york, ross angeles, expanding to san francisco. it will be all the country. call in right now. if you want the background, if you will not be able to put this book down. 866-359-4334. 866-359-4334. the book is yours for contribution of $150. dvd's for $100. book and dvd's for $200. make the call that makes a difference. 866-359-4334. 866-359-4334. your call camps. i urge you to call him. we cannot do this without you. the everything all pack. juan gonzález's book and film.
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let's go to a few minutes of the speech that we are off me. it is right before we sit down know chomsky -- with noam chomsky. the people packed the place. but go to the beginning of that speech. >> we are here at a time when a popular democratic president who is a constitutional lawyer by ,rade has expanded, intensified ,ontinued, and most importantly legitimized in the eyes of many liberals some of the most thegious aspects of what bush administration called this counterterrorism policy, and the obama administration continues to call a counter to his resume
9:33 am
-- counterterrorism and national security policy. despite the fact the president campaigned on a pledge to radically change the way that the u.s. conducted its business around the world and upon taking power issued a number of executive orders that were purportedly aimed at shutting , endingret prisons torture, and closing guantánamo, what has actually happened is that the obama administration has make cosmetic changes, tweaked the language, made a few adjustments to the detention theram, to what is called targeted killing program but it is anything but targeted as we have seen so often, it is an assassination program. and this administration has sold the idea to many liberals of his country and this is a clean war, that it is a smarter war than the ones that were being waged by his predecessor. if you look at the administration's claims of bringing the iraq war to a end,
9:34 am
you have to examine what was on president bush's desk the day he left office, it was the very plan the president obama implemented. it was already in motion. this administration did not bring an end to the iraq war. the bush administration's plan was implemented. also, we have seen expansion of cia paramilitary activity in iraq over the past several months. the largest ever see in the world as the u.s. of a c in baghdad, and strike teams continue to operate out of it alongside of mercenary forces. in afghanistan, the obama administration is waging to double wars. the conventional war you see through embedded journalism and in the covert war that we seldom see which consists of special operations, night raids, drone .trikes, and snatch operations in afghanistan itself, the u.s. military and the cia continued to run detention facilities that
9:35 am
are categorized as filtration sites so that people can be held incommunicado because they're not categorized as prisoners but categorized as potential intelligence assets that can be used in interrogation to produce the next night raid or the next drone strike. u.s. intelligence agents utilize a secret prison that is buried in the basement of somalia's u.s.-funded national security service. when richard rowley and i flew into mogadishu, somalia am a we landed at the airport. as the plane taxied and made its way to the gate, we noticed what to us looked like a forward operating base that we had seen in afghanistan. it was a large walled compound with small hangars inside of it and then a small cluster of buildings that resembled a small village. it looked just like other forward operating bases, expected had a pink hue.
9:36 am
the somalis called it the pink house. and asked some only contacts with the building was, and they said that is guantánamo. that was the nickname they had given for it. it was shorthand for saying that is where the americans are based. what it turned out it was, and i found this out from interfering somalis who were liaisons with the central intelligence agency and u.s. military intelligence, is that the obama administration had initiated a targeted killing and snatch operation based out of that airport where they were building and indigenous editability of somalis that could hunt down individuals -- indigenous capability of somali second members of al shabbat, the group that pledged its allegiance to al qaeda. these agents, i was told by this molly's helping the cia to run this program, are lined up monthly and paid $200 in cash
9:37 am
for being part of this targeted kill-capture operation. in the case of captured prisoners, they take the what they determined to have intelligence value and hold them in the basement of this national security services building which is a bed bug- infested do log -- goulag. prisoners do not get access to the outside world, no access to lawyers. when i was on "democracy now!" talking about this, the red cross said it never heard of the facility and then i gave them the address on the year and told them where they could find it. to my knowledge, they have not followed up on it. i discovered that prison because i met a colleague in somalia who works for an international news organization who is somali and had been put in a prison in retaliation for filming in operation that the u.s.-backed somali forces did not want them to get pictures of. he was put in that prison as a warning. he said when he was there he saw american and french agents
9:38 am
interrogating prisoners. i started to investigate the story. i found out that there was a prisoner who was from kenya -- a canyon of somali descent who was in that prison and he had been snatched from his home in a somali neighborhood in nairobi and shackled him a hooded, and driven to wilson airport in nairobi and then shipped to somalia where he was put in this basement prison. we were able to get testimony smuggled out of the prison of him describing the story and describing how he was interrogated by american agents around the clock and how he had not seen a lawyer, cannot communicate with his family, and has no access to the outside world. when i called the cia for comment on the condition of this prisoner, they confirmed that he had been snatched on orders from the united states government and that he was being held in that prison, and
9:39 am
they said he was dangerous and it is good that he is taken off the streets. they said he was one of the advisors to the then head of al .aeda in east africa so this man was snatched on orders from the u.s. government while president obama is in office, sent to a secret prison in the basement of a u.s.- funded agency, and then interrogated at times by u.s. intelligence and military intelligence personnel, and the cia did not dispute any of those facts that i reported. basically said, well, it is more that we sit in on debriefings with somalis while they are interrogating. so that is the reality of one aspect of the rendition program, the secret prison program, and i think it also speaks to torture and definitions of torture. >> you have been listening to jeremy scahill. that is the beginning of a major dress he gave at harvard university a month ago. i want you to have the whole address.
9:40 am
also, after that speech, noam chomsky was in the audience. i had flown up to boston with jeremy. it was soon after the boston marathon bombings, so we went to pay tribute at copley square and then went over to the event. we sat down with noam chomsky. i'm not married it -- i moderated a discussion between jeremy scahill and noam chomsky. you get that on the dvd. , $100. dvd's ,ut that together with the book $200. this is the last time we are offering this. for all the times we have offered this in the last few weeks, this is the last day of fundraising. we have a goal of $20,000 to raise today. we do not know if it is possible, but i think we can do it step-by-step. all this would be his 10 people -- is 100 people calling you
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today, saying about the book and dvd, the jeremy scahill book and double dvd. we urge you to call. or it would be 10 people calling in inflation 2000 owners -- $2000 for dinner and a show. you and a special guest watch the broadcast. then i get to personally host you and your special guest for dinner. we kick back, break read together, and toast link tv, independent television. brought to you by viewers like you are deeply committed to independent media. i want to play your clip from the new film "dirty wars" that is opening all over the country, based on this but we are offering you. read the book, see the film. read the book, see the film. in this clip, journalist jeremy sanaa toravels to investigate the hidden u.s. war.
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>> yemen's agent port city was nothing like kabul. in each and afghanistan, life was defined by war. everything revolved around it. but in yemen, there was no war, at least not officially. the strike seem to come out of the blue. most yemenis were going about life as usual. it was difficult to know where to start. the yemeni government claimed responsibility for the strikes him as saying they killed dozens of al qaeda operatives. but it was unclear who the targets really were. or who was even responsible. >> and excerpt from "dirty wars ," based on this remarkable
9:43 am
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9:48 am
he would be the person who navigated them through this country. they had tried to get this footage, but here's what happened to their reporter, what happened to their driver. they cannot get it military. when wikileaks released it, it was the first time they got to see it. it shows the last moments of their life. i daresay if we had gotten the wikileaks document six months before -- a little before -- six months before, there were iraqis that put up the surrender side to the apache helicopter unit above, and they called back saying what should we do, they're trying to surrender, and they say you cannot surrender to a helicopter, and they blew them away. if we do that six was before when it happened, i daresay there would have been an investigation and an outcry. as -- that is why it is important to know what is done in our name.
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